Opportunity is calling.

The 2022 Teams Telephony Elite Training Program

We’d like you to be a part of this advanced in-person training and networking event this summer.

This intensive week-long, in-person course will build your advanced skills for understanding the fundamentals of telephony and associated protocols such as SIP, telephony foundations, and integration of Microsoft Teams with these systems. The course will cover SBCs, PRI, analog telephony components, and Microsoft Teams integration into these systems. At the end of this course, you will have an advanced-level understanding of core telephony and Microsoft Teams calling integration with the PSTN. Be prepared to enjoy.

We’re planning this event for some time this summer but wanted to allow you to let us know your interest and ensure that we save you a spot. Cloud Revolution has spent over 1-year creating this course with our Microsoft Certified Masters, Microsoft Certified MVPs, and highly skilled business consultants. This course is open to businesses, Microsoft partners, and end-users that focus on Microsoft Teams level-300/400 operations. The course is administered in-person and conducted by our highly certified Masters, MVPs, and Business Consultants.

Register now and we’ll email you a detailed course overview and update you once the schedule and venue are finalized.