The Revolution360 Managed Communications Suite is a comprehensive and integrated solution offered by Cloud Revolution. This Service Description document outlines the services included in the Revolution360 suite, ensuring a clear understanding of the features and capabilities provided to our valued customers.

1. Base Services:
1.1 Phone System Enablement Services:

This service covers any source communications platform migration or new enablement to Microsoft Teams Phone System only (What is Phone System – Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn). This service includes phone site migration, cutover, and configuration of the Teams Phone services. There are no limitations on the number of sites and cutovers, allowing for effortless scalability.

Please see the detailed services included with the Teams Phone workload here:

  • Number porting
  • Number activation
  • DID configuration.
  • Shared line appearances
  • Call Queues
  • Voicemail
  • Boss/Admin
  • Call Routing
  • Call forwarding
  • Calling and recording policies
1.2 Ongoing Management and Support (Service Desk):

Our dedicated support team provides ongoing management and support to ensure the smooth operation of your communication environment. This includes break/fix support to promptly address any issues, regular reviews of call quality to maintain optimal performance, and quarterly reviews of E911 notification groups and locations for compliance and safety.

Delivery: Remote

Coverage: Break/fix support (escalation to the vendor will be at Cloud Revolution’s discretion) – requires 3rd party vendor support contract provided by the customer for escalation to that vendor. Escalations from the customer to the Cloud Revolution CloudCare Service Desk must come from the customer’s named IT contacts. Cloud Revolution will not take any service requests from the customer’s end-users.

Coverage availability: 24x7x365

Manufacturer Support

Escalation to Microsoft or other manufacturers requires a support agreement with the vendor. Escalation support is dependent upon the vendor coverage the customer has purchased. If a standard vendor support has been purchased only 8×5 escalation to the vendor will be provided. If 24×7 coverage has been purchased with the vendor, then Cloud Revolution will be able to escalate all issues 24×7 subject to our SLA.

1.3 Annual Roadmap:

We provide annual updates on the features and enhancements introduced to the Revolution360 suite and the Microsoft Teams Phone services. Stay informed about the latest developments and leverage new functionalities to enhance your communication capabilities.

Frequency: Annual

1.4 Quarterly Ticket Review:

As part of our commitment to delivering exceptional support, we conduct a quarterly review of tickets to ensure timely and effective resolution of any reported issues.

Frequency: Quarterly

1.5 Quarterly Review of Call Quality:

Call quality will be reviewed based on data obtained from Microsoft reports and API. This information will be reviewed and presented with options for remediation.

Frequency: Quarterly

1.6 Adoption and Consumption Review:

Our team conducts adoption and consumption reviews to assist you in maximizing the value of the Revolution360 suite. We provide insights and recommendations to optimize usage and ensure you are leveraging the suite’s capabilities to their full potential.

Frequency: Quarterly

1.7 Moves, Adds, Changes (MAC) Support:

We offer support for moves, adds, and changes within your Microsoft Teams Phone environment. Our team ensures that your system remains flexible and adaptable to accommodate changes in your organization. This does not include Azure Active Directory or directory services moves, adds, changes.

Move, Add, and Change Service Request Assistance (Service Requests)

Frequency: As needed

Delivery: Remote

Coverage availability: Monday – Friday 7 AM – 5 PM Pacific Time. Excluding Cloud Revolution observed holidays.

1.8 Holiday Schedules:

We assist in setting up holiday schedules to align your communication system with your organization’s holiday and closure periods.

Frequency: Reviewed annually or initiated on service request

1.9 Auto Attendants/Call Queues:

We provide configuration and support for auto attendants and call queues to efficiently manage call routing and optimize customer interactions.

Frequency: As needed

1.10 Quarterly Firmware Updates for Teams Phone:

Once a quarter Cloud Revolution will review the current firmware available for the certified Teams Phone Devices. If there is an update available Cloud Revolution will update the devices to the current level.

Frequency: Quarterly

1.11 Quarterly Backup of Voice Configurations:

To ensure the integrity of your voice configurations, we perform quarterly backups through automated scripts, enabling quick restoration in the event of any configuration loss.

Frequency: Quarterly

1.12 Intune/MDM/Conditional Access of Teams Devices:

Our team assists with Intune/MDM/Conditional Access configuration for Teams Devices, enhancing security and enabling secure access to communication resources. This service is scoped for the Teams Phone devices only.

Frequency: As needed

1.13 Quarterly Emergency Services Review:

Our team will review the emergency services configuration including E911 notifications groups, locations with the customer. If there are any changes or new locations that need to be configured, we will make the required changes to ensure the configuration is up to date.

Frequency: Quarterly or as needed

1.14 Direct Routing / Operator Connect / Calling Plans:

Configuration of carrier services is included. Call routing, number assignment are all included. Unless the customer has purchased carrier services with Cloud Revolution the contract with the carrier services is the customers responsibility. Operator Connect carriers must be certified for the Microsoft Teams Phone service. The current list of certified Operator Connect partners can be found here:

Frequency: Annual

2 Exclusions:

The Revolution360 Managed Communications Suite does not cover third-party integrations. However, our team can assist with recommendations and guidance for integrating with third-party systems.

  • On-site work
  • Configuration changes to 3rd party systems/devices
  • SBC support
  • Hardware replacement
  • System patching for on-premises services
  • Custom reporting
  • Custom development and Integration
  • Microsoft or other manufacturers support agreements
  • Any existing integrations already in place prior to the start of the agreement
  • Client software
3 Service Delivery and Support:

Our experienced team ensures timely service delivery and offers comprehensive support during the implementation, onboarding, and ongoing usage of the Revolution360 suite. We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and prompt issue resolution.

4 Conclusion:

The Revolution360 Managed Communications Suite provides a comprehensive and integrated solution for all your communication needs. With a wide range of base services and optional add-ons, we ensure that your organization can leverage the power of seamless communication while receiving ongoing support and innovative features. Partner with us and experience the transformative capabilities of the Revolution360 suite.

For more information or to discuss how the Revolution360 Managed Communications Suite can benefit your organization, please contact our sales team.

Note: This Service Description document is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a contractual agreement. For detailed terms and conditions, please refer to the applicable service agreement or contract.