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We’re advocates, champions, experts, and kindred spirits in the Microsoft platforms with which you’re architecting your future. Wow, small world.


Talk about your dream team. Cloud Revolution provides the expertise to streamline and accelerate your reality of a robust cloud ecosystem built on the proven and innovative Microsoft 365 and Teams platforms, including advanced capabilities and specializations. And we’re FastTrack-ready.

From its inception, Cloud Revolution has focused on this opportunity and gathered the talent to offer these deep and unique Teams-centric capabilities to the market. And we never looked back.

Chad McGreanor
CEO & Co-founder

So, for us, it really starts with the customer. The customer comes to us, and they have a specific need or desire to communicate and collaborate more effectively. And the way we look at that is by looking at a holistic approach. Starting with Microsoft Teams as the center of their universe and then branching out from there to ensure that we can provide them a solution that helps them be as successful in their business. And hope to allow their folks to communicate and collaborate more effectively anywhere they happen to be working. So, looking at our business model as far as, the way that our view of it is a uniquely, a unique perspective, is that we saw a problem in this industry. Especially, there’s some good timing around, how people are working from anywhere these days, and how people communicate and collaborate effectively using the tools they have. Traditionally, there have been issues with tools in the past, with different manufacturers and complexity. We’d like to go in there and simplify that process and provide clarity around vision, around how to be successful in those different scenarios. So, for us, we’d like to view ourselves as an extension of the customer. We are there to help them succeed. If they don’t succeed, we don’t succeed. And what makes us unique in that regard is mainly our team of experts in this industry. We have the best people in this industry. We view that may be from our own unique perspective, but they have extensive knowledge. They’ve been in your shoes as a customer. We’ve been there, we’ve done that. And we’re going to take that experience and that customer is going to gain that perspective by engaging with us in our unique team. Any time you shift the communications platform, it’s a huge deal. You have people that will typically, they could even revolt, and we must ensure that we cover not only the technology component of this. There’s a political aspect, a marketing aspect, an end-user aspect, to make sure everyone understands what’s happening, and why it’s happening. And hopefully, most of this is helping them understand that there is a better way. It’s going to be better for you as an employee of this business that is getting this cool Microsoft Teams technology. It’s going to allow you to effectively do your job better, provide you with additional flexibility. It may be that you don’t have today in a world that demands extreme flexibility. So, we’d like to say that we’re extremely transparent. If this is a solution that we’re providing, when we’re working with the customer and there are, maybe there’s a path that you’re attempting to go down. In the consulting conversation we’re having with you, we don’t agree with and necessarily think that’s the best path for you. Because of our experience, you’re going to tap in again to our experience. We are going to guide you in a very transparent and direct way, saying, “Yes, this is a path you should go down.” Or, maybe not, this is a better path, because, in our experience, we’re going to provide that guidance to you. We are easy to communicate with. However, you prefer to communicate with us and get engaged, it’s as simple as a phone call, you can send us an email at sales@cloudrevolution.com or just reach out to us on LinkedIn. However, you prefer. We’re happy to help and get going and help you on your journey.

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Solving today’s unified communications challenges with option-rich Microsoft platforms takes a rare kind of expertise.

Well, it sounds simple enough; leverage an integrated suite of applications and services to meet the communications needs of an enterprise by connecting communications channels in one easy-to-use and secure system. Simple in principle, perhaps, not so much in reality. The good news is that at Cloud Revolution, we’ve built our focused practices based on deep experience in the Microsoft 365 and Teams universe. We know the ins and outs, upsides, downsides, implementation dependencies, as well as how to tap the potential of each element in the Microsoft ecosystem.


We’re proud to say we take a Microsoft Teams-centric approach to life as we know it. This laser-like focus provides unique benefits to our customers.

The last thing you should do is confuse Cloud Revolution with the plethora of well-intended MSPs that claim some related experience with comprehensive Microsoft 365 & Teams implementations. While we offer a broad spectrum of services and solutions, they are all closely aligned to delivering on a Microsoft Teams potential; from Teams Voice to Teams Contact Center or Teams Room and beyond. Our focus equates to your solution design and implementation efficiency.


A unified communications journey never really ends. Our solutions are designed to fix short-term problems while playing for the long game.

Taking a Microsoft 365 and Teams-centric approach to unified communications establishes a strategic foundation that empowers to architect a technology maturity path as unique as your organization. This strategy ensures that the solutions you implement today are part of a holistic and integrated platform purpose-built to evolve with your needs and expand your services to users. On this journey, Cloud Revolution will be with you every step of the way.


We take a human-centric approach in our business model, which places to an immense amount of value on relationships. You know, like us.

It’s not unusual for companies to start their journeys based solely on existing relationships. Unfortunately, valuing relationships above transactions often gets left behind as an organization grows. Not at Cloud Revolution. The catalyst for Cloud Revolutions’ creation in the market was to share the technology we love so much with people and organizations we care about. We like to think we make an excellent business case for honesty, transparency, fighting the good fight, and being the best advocate for your success at all times.