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In a work-from-anywhere world, the need for a comprehensive and seamless strategy to empower your team’s communication is more critical than ever. That’s where Cloud Revolution comes in.

With a Microsoft Teams and 365-centric approach, our managed services can provide all the expertise and skills you need to implement the right solution for your organization.

We think we likely have a shared goal; make it simple for people to express ideas, work together, innovate, and unlock their potential.

From project-based assignments to our turnkey Managed Service offerings, Cloud Revolution is achieving that goal today with many innovative organizations. We provide a deep set of services that allow you to tap into the potential of Microsoft 365 and Teams confidently. Together, we can empower your organization with a vibrant ecosystem purpose-built to optimize how they connect, share, and communicate.

Robin Lehr
Director, PMO & Operations

We’re very excited at Cloud Revolution to offer an end-to-end, turnkey, Microsoft Team solution. Your business isn’t just about making phone calls. It’s about collaborating both internally and externally. And so, we want to be able to do that with you end to end.

Both with your clients as well as with your employees, our implementations are very much about quality. We want to ensure all the way along that we are accomplishing your goals in the way that you thought we were. That we’re not surprising you and that we’re giving you the highest quality implementation possible. So, to enable that, we break our projects down into five distinct phases, each of which has a checkpoint. So that we’re checking in with you and saying, “Are we still on the right track?”, “Are we on the right plan?”, “Did we do everything that you need for the solution to function?”.

In design, planning, and consultation, that’s where we want to understand your business, how you collaborate, and what your goals are for the implementation. Why did you choose Cloud Revolution? Why did you choose Microsoft Teams? And how can we make the experience the best possible for your organization? Once we’ve figured out what you need, we’ll work with our network of vendors and partners to see what solutions we can get for you in terms of hardware in the timeframe that you need it for your space, for the lowest cost that we can achieve.

Once we’ve agreed on the design and the plan for your implementation, that’s when our engineers will start enabling that configuration and putting the policies in place to create your team’s environment. While that’s happening, we’re going to focus with your team on what the user impact is going to be, how it’s going to change, and what ways we’re going to communicate that and provide training to your users so that they have the smoothest transition possible. Your organization likely has several different types of users. Your administrative assistants have different telephony needs in your sales, folks that are out on the road. And they have different needs than the agent sitting in your contact centers, talking to your customers.

So, we want to understand the different types of users that you have in your organization. And then we’ll put together an adoption change management and training plan that tailors to their needs, so that could be live instructor-led training. It could be written documentation; it could be on-demand webinars. We have it all available and we want to make it work for your company and your culture. A lot of our customers start by just having us implement a telephony solution for them, and that’s a great place to start your journey. We want to continue with you beyond that. We want to make Teams the center of your collaboration universe.

And so, whether that is automating some of your business processes or integrating your line of business systems with Teams, we want to help you think further and envision more of what the Teams solution could do for your business by enabling the collaboration and communication internally and externally through all your systems and departments. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with. Generally, we want to understand what your outcomes are that you’re trying to achieve, and then we’ll put together a fixed price project to achieve those outcomes. If for some reason that doesn’t work for you, we’re still there. If you need someone that you can call ad hoc when you have a question or you need help with a more complex change, or maybe you just need someone to call in the middle of the night if something breaks down.

We have all those options available for you, and we’d love to talk to you more about what’s going to work for you. I have the privilege of working with the best Microsoft Teams engineers and consultants in the entire world. We are a team of Microsoft MVPs and Masters. We’ve worked together for a long time, and we’ve got experience and depth with the Microsoft ecosystem even beyond Teams. And we’d love to have the opportunity to show that to you. Give us a call.

Reach out to us on Teams or connect with us on social media. We’d love to hear more about where you are headed as a business and how we can assist.


The Easiest and Fastest Way to Bring PSTN Calling into Microsoft Teams

Experience the power of Operator Connect’s cloud-native architecture and unlock rapid deployment with minimal management overhead.

Revolution360 Managed Communications Suite

Unlock the Power of Seamless Communication with Cloud Revolution’s Revolution360 Managed Communications Suite, simplifying and enhancing your organization’s communication needs in one comprehensive package.

Experience streamlined implementation, ongoing management and support, tailored add-ons, dedicated support, customer success program, flexibility and scalability, continuous innovation, and cost savings with our Revolution360 suite.

Some of the features of this suite include:

  • Streamlined implementation for swift migration to an advanced phone system
  • Ongoing management and support for a seamless communication environment
  • Tailored add-ons to customize communication capabilities for unique business requirements
  • Dedicated support for prompt assistance and alignment with evolving needs
  • Customer Success Program for maximum value and proactive account management
  • Flexibility and scalability with true-up option for growing organizations
  • Continuous innovation with regular updates and cutting-edge features
  • Cost savings and predictability with transparent pricing and monthly structure

Design & Planning

Our CloudDesign Workshop will help you maximize the value of Teams by assessing the apps and workflows needed to achieve your unique business goals.

It’s about planning your success and getting stakeholders engaged and excited at this aspirational stage. Our CloudDesign Workshop includes:

  • Business Case Workshop; Review business cases for Microsoft Teams and gather feedback from stakeholders
  • Identify and prioritize scenarios built on the Teams Platform, catered to your unique needs
  • Network Planning; Workshop on Microsoft network requirements and best practices
  • Strategy for moving your organization from other tools such as Slack and Skype for Business to Teams
  • Align a high-level solution architecture to meet your scenario requirements
  • Microsoft FastTrack Support with eligible subscriptions
  • Maturity Acceleration Planning to ensure alignment to your long-term business goals

Procurement and Sourcing

Our Procurement and Sourcing Services cover all the steps required to successfully identify the need for products through procuring the product and managing the delivery.

From Microsoft Teams Rooms to the best headsets, let us handle the hassle of finding the right solution at the right price point, and handling all the logistical details. These services may include:

  • Analyze understand your usage and requirements
  • Strategize formulate your unique sourcing strategies
  • Source competitive analysis and solution selection
  • Transact procure, receive and manage payment
  • Manage contracts, suppliers, and performance

Integration and Implementation

Our Integration and Implementation Services ensure a seamless process and methodology to ensure a flawless rollout of your solution.

This aspect is where the rubber hits the road – ensure this execution phase with proven best practices and efficient frameworks. These services may include:

  • Roadmap to your accelerated implementation
  • Building and configuring a compelling reality
  • Pilot and Proof of Concept (POC) phases
  • Comprehensive Go-live frameworks
  • Operations and system optimization

Adoption & Change Management

Our Adoption and Change Management Services will educate and motivate users to take full advantage of the productivity and collaboration tools that lead to new ways of working.

There’s nothing more critical than maintaining positive momentum with engaging and informative training, adoption, and change management methodologies. These services may include:

  • Go-live Support
  • Service Desk and Admin Training
  • Persona-based Change Management
  • Adoption Services
  • Global Enterprise Services

Maturity and Acceleration

Our Maturity and Acceleration Services ensure that while your short and mid-term goals are achieved, you continue on a phased implementation path to leverage advanced and evolving platform features.

Once you have the fundamentals in place, plan a customized maturity path that will add more value to your end-users and thus your technology investment. These services may include:

  • Maximize ROI of Microsoft 365 licensing
  • Leverage the latest features and functions of Microsoft Unified Communications Suite
  • Integrate and align with line of business applications
  • Quarterly business reviews to ensure technology alignment with strategic goals

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