Set a foundation for success with a user-based approach to establishing the ideal Microsoft Teams ecosystem

Our integration and implementation services reflect the need to take an aligned approach to minimize the need for users to constantly switch applications. These services include not only installing Microsoft technologies, but skilfully aligning them into your enterprise productivity solutions. We’ll minimize integration risk and maximize your implementation peace of mind. Whether it’s Sharepoint, CRM, Azure, or the PowerApps platform, rest assured that we’ll protect data integrity every step of the way to a seamless end-user environment.

The roadmap to an accelerated journey

Predictably, we focus on the one thing that makes all the difference: your end-users. Once we’ve designed and developed an idea of their needs and how those align to your business, we create a prioritized roadmap to shape your Teams solutions. The foundation we lay here will support your broad vision for the workplace and the future of your business.

Here’s what you’ll see during this phase:
  • Defining business case and collaboration requirements
  • Create time-line for software, hardware and licensing and voice service requirements
  • Define user persona and training needs
  • Security compliance and regulatory requirements

Building and configuring the future

Hands-on work begins to implement the design. We build, configure, and test while working with you to plan how we will communicate changes to business users and provide the right level of training and user adoption support. We’ll review everything we’re going to test after go-live so you can sleep well after the cut-over to the new system.

Here’s what you’ll see during this phase:
  • Installing and configuring Teams Rooms Systems
  • Configuring Auto Attendants, Call Queues, and Emergency Services
  • User Adoption Planning, Change Management, and User Acceptance
  • Contact Center Design and Implementation

It’s Go-live time

Whether you are in the proof-of-concept phase, rolling out a pilot, or making a full production change, our world-class engineers will give your business a great experience. In this phase, we’ll turn up services and get your users up and running on the new platform.

Here’s what you’ll see during this phase:
  • Pilot and Proof-of-Concept engagements
  • Turn-up of Calling Plans and Direct Routing Services
  • Guidance through the number porting process
  • Whiteglove VIP User Onboarding Services

Operating and optimizing your reality

With users now live on the system, we won’t leave you hanging! We’ll help you analyze how the new services are performing, make tweaks where needed, and ensure a smooth transition to the operational phase.

Here’s what you’ll see during this phase:
  • Call quality monitoring and analysis
  • Proactive Teams Rooms monitoring and maintenance service
  • Break/Fix Managed Services subscription options
  • Contact Center Management and Consulting Services
  • To come: Managed Services for Adoption

“The Cloud Revolution team inspired real confidence throughout the implmentation phase of our Teams deployment. Their processes and methodologies helped us avoid a ton of angst. Thats a rare feeling these days.”

David Clinansmith
JSJ Corp

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