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Cloud Revolution solutions deliver on the communication promise of today’s modern industries and organizations.

At Cloud Revolution, we do our best to see the world through many lenses. This means that whether your perspective comes from a specific project focus, an organizational dynamic, or the desire for an industry-specific solution, we understand where you’re coming from and have a solution to get you where you need to go.

Adam Ball
Vice President & Co-founder

Every organization can utilize Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. Whether it’s manufacturing, financial services, health care, or public sector, every organization has a piece of the platform. Every organization has a piece of the platform that they can utilize, if not all the pieces. Whether it’s voice, whether it’s meetings, collaboration, it doesn’t matter where it’s coming from, everybody has a piece of that. As we look at our expertise within the Microsoft ecosystem, we’re able to take that knowledge and now apply it to business and understand. And we learn about your business to figure out how this solution applies. And because we have that expertise of knowing the products and knowing the solutions as we hear what you’re trying to accomplish, we’re able to match those up in a much better fashion to be able to, for you to be able to fully leverage the platform. I think for us, we kind of transcend across almost every industry as far as that goes. We end up talking to folks in manufacturing, financial services, technology, all sorts of gamuts of people from all sorts of different ways of life. This is fun for me as far as that goes because I get to hear different ways to apply this technology. So, it’s not just the same old phone system. I’m not just doing that every day. It’s truly understanding how people work, what their business flows are, how they stay productive and how they can become more productive. So, different sizes take just that unique aspect of understanding where you’re coming from and what you’re trying to accomplish. Again, it’s this whole idea of what’s your business process. A smaller company might have a different business process and less complexity than maybe a larger company where we must go in and fit towards those complexities that they may need to address or the business flow, maybe a little bit broader. So, we can address from small to large very easily. What we want to hear is what is on your agenda? What’s your number one priority? So that we can come out of the gate and just address that. We can either take that elephant off the table for you and just be able to solidify and take that problem and say, “We’ve got that”, here’s how we’re going to address it right away. And that way, we can go and give you that peace of mind of okay, my biggest problem can be solved here. What we see with Microsoft Teams is that most people start with collaboration or conferencing, typically. As they go along, what will happen is people will start to say, “Hey, how come I can’t do this on this platform?” And we’re there to answer that question, “Yes, you can.” So, whether that’s going on the phone system or looking at business process automation, things of that nature where people just want to be able to do more within the platform that they’re spending their day in already. The best way to get started with us is just to have a conversation. Reach out, whether that’s through Twitter or LinkedIn, or just giving us a message on Teams or email even. We’d love to just have that conversation, hear where you’re coming from and how we can help.

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